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  Installing the Outlaw IDE

You can use any text editor or IDE you like to create your mobile games. Some people love Sublime Text 2, some like Notepad++, etc. I use Outlaw, which is the successor to Corona Project Manager, the #1 IDE for Corona SDK. Outlaw is a commercial project but has a free trial version that's perfectly suited for learning. In fact, some people use the trial version for creating commercial apps, so you can continue to use it even after you learn Corona SDK.

Grab a copy at

I am trying to download Outlaw on your website, but it is giving me a "technical Error". Can you please look into this ?
J. A. Whye
Sorry for the problem, I've "fixed" that more than once but apparently the new server doesn't like my shopping cart. :(

However, if you scroll down that page you'll see links for the free version of Outlaw. The only difference is a small ad in the IDE (for my own courses) and it limits you to 9 current projects. I'm not sure when I can get the shopping cart fixed, so just use the free version for now.

initiaaly I learned the crash course by Whyne and got super impressed. Hoping to continue what I have learned in crash course with this full course